Myspace relaunches – Should your business join?

Woman-holding-internet-smallMyspace has been testing a new version of the social media site for quite some time and recently made this new version available to the public.

Social Media Examiner states Myspace has rebranded itself as a social entertainment network connecting the Gen Y audience to their favourite music, celebrities, TV, movies and games.

Myspace is a social networking site which was originally launched in 2003 and quickly became the world’s largest social media site. However, in 2008 Facebook became more popular and Myspace users have steadily declined ever since.

Myspace has been searching for a way to regain its popularity and this new redesign, marketed with the release of pop singer Justin Timberlake’s new single, may just do the trick.

Myspace has always had a focus on music and with the new redesign it’s even easier for users to share and engage with music.

Some new features include:

  • It’s now easier to create your profile.
  • You can have a cover image for your profile page.
  • You can upload audio files but only if your profile is set as a musician, DJ or comedian account.
  • You can add a song to your post.
  • Your profile and news stream scrolls horizontally instead of vertically.
  • You can follow updates from anyone who has a public profile on the new Myspace.
  • You can customise your news stream.

With the changes to Myspace you might be wondering whether your business should join the social network.

To help with your decision you should consider whether the social media network will enable you to achieve your business objectives. You should also consider whether it has the right target audience for your business.

Currently the main users of Myspace are people interested in music as well as businesses and individuals from the music and entertainment industries. If this is not your business’ target audience, and you don’t want to build your profile in this area, then Myspace is probably not for you.

If Myspace can’t help you achieve your business objectives then building a profile on this network would be a waste of resources.

One advantage of joining Myspace now is the platform has not yet become oversaturated with brands. This means you will have less competition from other brands when trying to can create a relationship with Myspace users.

Business 2 Community refers to a drawback of joining Myspace because most of the features it offers are already available on other social media sites. For example, GrooveShare lets you create mixes of music and SoundCloud lets you upload songs. Myspace also has a high emphasis on photo sharing but so does every other social media site such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

When deciding if Myspace is right for your business why not have a look at how other brands are using the platform to communicate with their target audience.

Will your business join Myspace? Why?

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